Physics of Human Intention [PHI]

Sagittarius A*

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CD ROM available in 2004

This CD ROM will be available free of charge, upon request mailed to the author. The design is intended to match the expectations of kids age 11-18; see the preliminary version here. If we model the universe as a huge brain evolving along a putative universal time arrow, the Holon of the universe, acting from the global mode of spacetime, could perhaps be the cause for the emergence of various anomalous objects such as dark matter, Gamma-Ray Bursts, and Sagittarius A* (pictured above). Needless to say, this conjecture will be explained in the CD ROM.

The basic ideas of PHI will be delivered on two "layers", for kids and for individuals interested in enhancing human performance and quantum gravity. A brief introduction was included in the beta version of the CD ROM.

To clone this CD, you will need a CD writer, a blank CD-R, and a color printer. All files needed for reproducing it will be included in the CD.

Comments and suggestions will be appreciated.

Dimi Chakalov

January 14, 2002
Last updated on March 10, 2004


Windfall feedback

I'm happy to discuss the feedback from Professor G. 't Hooft, Nobel Prize laureate and expert in anomalous phenomena:

"The basic ingredients of the physical laws can be reduced to what we call the "Standard Model" (including gravitational forces), and physics as we know it implies that there simply exist no phenomena that can NOT be reduced to this model, with the ONLY possible exceptions phenomena that can only be evoked in enormously large laboratories where, either, particles are given phantastic energies, or, machines are produced with unprecedented sensitivity to the effects of super weakly interacting objects (such as neutrinos). The human brain does not belong to that class of laboratories, and, with our knowledge of physical and chemical forces we conclude that the brain is completely controlled by Standard Model interactions.

"We do admit that the wiring in the brain is too complicated to be understood in detail, but there are quite a few general laws which do not depend on how the wiring is done, such as the laws of conservation of energy, entropy, information transfer, and so on. They must be absolutely valid for the brain. Phenomena such as Psychokinesis would be in violation with these general laws, which is why I believe they are based on inaccurate observations. People observe inaccurately all the time. All known accurate observations agree with the Standard Model.
There is nothing more to say."

(Excerpt from email from Tue, 3 Apr 2001 10:56:52 +0200.)

Just a few comments. In the framework of the philosophy of trialism, there is no room for psychokinesis, psi field, psychons, mind-over-matter, and similar dualistic "arm - nose" speculations. Just Brain-Controlled Cold Plasma, BCCP. Also, no violation of any known physical law is assumed -- the energy source in question is literally everywhere. There is no 'short circuit' between mind and matter, because the human mind is attached to the Holon, the holistic state of a physical system. The possibility for BCCP follows from a new interpretation of Heisenberg relations, valid for observations performed with the human brain, and not with some inanimate measuring apparatus. No calculations of BCCP effects can be provided at this point, first of all because the theory in need is quantum gravity, which is still out of sight.

That's a whole new ball game.

Let me now offer my unsolicited, and perhaps biased, opinion on Prof. Gerard 't Hooft's ideas and speculations, formulated in his field of professional expertise: theoretical physics. Read about it here.

Dimi Chakalov

April 3, 2001
Latest update January 14, 2003