Subject: Living on a null-plane in spacetime
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 21:01:47 +0300
From: Dimi <>
To: Stanley J Brodsky <>

Dear Professor Brodsky,

I believe you are the right person to explain a wavefunction defined on a null-plane in spacetime,

I wonder if your research [Ref. 1] is relevant to cornerstone issues in
QM and GR,

I've been trying to introduce a 'global mode of spacetime' pertaining to a hypothetical Holon state of the whole universe (Lucretius' atom), and to suggest a new paradigm for explaining the dark matter-dark energy puzzle as an effect of this Holon,

Please see also the so-called cosmic equator from WMAP data,

The idea of the Holon stems from brain science,

If you are aware of such efforts made by professional physicists, please send me the relevant information.

I extent this request to all recipients of this email.

I very much appreciated your excerpts from James Montgomery's "Time: A Rhapsody". Perhaps you may wish to see another poet, Lucretius,

Perhaps his atom -- the minimum of Nature that exists *without all parts* -- lives on a null-plane in spacetime, too.


Dimi Chakalov
'Tis a mistake: Time flies not
He only hovers on the wing:
Once born, the moment dies not
'Tis an immortal thing

James Montgomery, "Time: A Rhapsody" (1850)


[Ref. 1] Stan Brodsky, Novel QCD Phenomenology, International School of Physics Enrico Fermi, Varenna, Italy, June 28 - July 1, 2004, Part 1,

See p. 19, The instant form, and p. 21, "A moment standing still

See also: S.J. Brodsky, Standard Model Phenomenology and Light-Front Wavefunctions,

Note: The idea of Holon and its effects is not new to modern theoretical physics. To rephrase David J. Miller, I believe there could be a Holon mechanism and a Holon field (causal field) throughout the universe, without there being a real Holon boson. The latter should be a bare mathematical point stripped from all physical content. See also:

David J. Miller, Talk to Astronomy and Physics Society of the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, "Where Particle Physics is now",

Slide 20: Finite Higgs field everywhere.

Slide 24: Similar "dilaton" effects occur in solids. The clump can travel like a particle. In the vacuum such a clump in the Higgs field is a Higgs boson. It has spin = 0

Slide 30: Whoever heard of physics effects that behaved AS IF there was an elementary particle to cause them, but it was not there when we looked closely? Superconductivity physicists did!

Slide 31: What is dark energy? Could it be that the minimum of the Higgs potential is not exactly zero?

Slide 32: Experiments and ideas needed. Come and join in!

Gladly! I was very much eager to 'come and join in' at GR17. Will try again next year at GR18. No rush, there is plenty of time until the LHC becomes operational.

Besides, I don't need £5.5 billion to get the job done.

D. Chakalov
July 22, 2004
We haven't the money, so we've got to think!
Lord Rutherford, 1962 Brunel Lecture, 14 February 1962